Manraj Singh Grover

Manraj Singh Grover

Research Assistant at IIIT Delhi, India

Hi there, I'm Manraj Singh! I'm a Research Assistant at IIIT Delhi, India under Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah, building automated systems in education domain. I graduated from University of Delhi in 2016 with a Bachelor's in Instrumentation and Control. Over the last few years, I've had the opportunity with amazing teams at MIDAS Lab, TensorFlow and Practo.

Open Source



audino: A Modern Annotation Tool for Audio and Speech

Manraj Singh Grover, Pakhi Bamdev, Yaman Kumar, Mika Hama, Rajiv Ratn Shah
ArXiv preprint, 2020 (Under review)

Multi-modal Automated Speech Scoring using Attention Fusion

Manraj Singh Grover, Yaman Kumar, Sumit Sarin, Payman Vafaee, Mika Hama, Rajiv Ratn Shah
ArXiv preprint, 2020 (Work in progress)


A hitchhiker's guide on distributed training of deep neural networks

Karanbir Singh Chahal, Manraj Singh Grover, Kuntal Dey, Rajiv Ratn Shah
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing



Text2FaceGAN: Face Generation from Fine Grained Textual Descriptions

Osaid Rehman Nasir, Shailesh Kumar Jha, Manraj Singh Grover, Yi Yu, Ajit Kumar, Rajiv Ratn Shah
IEEE Fifth International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (BigMM)

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