I’m a Software Engineer and am currently working with the Platform team at Practo solving healthcare related problems. Previously, I was working with the datascience team which got me interested in Machine Learning and have been teaching myself about its practical and research aspects ever since.

I’ve been contributing to Open Source for close to 4 years now and been actively involved with organizations such as TensorFlow, DuckDuckGo, and Mozilla and currently heavily involved in building TensorFlowJS and it’s ecosystem. Over the past few years, some of my side project like halo, SingleDivProject, football-cli and organize-cli attracted great attention which got them on Github Trending list. I’ve also mentored students during Google Code-In, 2017 and Rails Girls Summer of Code, 2018.

I’ve studied Instrumentation and Control Engineering at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi. During my studies, alongside Open Source Code contributions, I was actively involved in Mozilla’s regional community as a Core Contributor and was invited to attend Mozilla Leadership Summit where I got the opportunity to understand Mozilla’s vision, shape strategy to grow the community and hone my leadership skills. Leading IEEE college chapter holding general secretary helped me experience and learn from the dynamics of planning, budgeting, and organizing regional and college events.

Have a look at my resume for more information.

Through this blog, I wish to share my learnings and experiences and explain them in a more pragmatic manner.